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              The Dyslexia VR is a VR serious game that makes players experience dyslexia by a short scene. Dyslexia is a term for disorders that involve difficulty in reading, learning, and sense of space, etc. it is estimated that between 5-10% of the population has dyslexia. But many people never realized these disorders. So we want to make this Dyslexia VR letting people know about dyslexia and feel empathy of dyslexics.

  • Need Oculus Rift to play.
  • Developer: Conan Zhang, Olivia Jenkins, Trevor Newell, Shantanu Pandy, Shuang Wu 

Install instructions

1) Download “DyslexiaVR.zip”.

2) Extract “DyslexiaVR.zip”.

3) Run “DyslexiaVR.exe”.

  • Make sure an Oculus Rift is connected, as well as the touch controllers, before launching the application.


DyslexiaVR.zip 30 MB


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Hey there,

I'd love to chat with you more about licensing this title to arcade operators and educators around the world! Feel free to email me, content@springboardvr.com.


i can't start it, i am stuck on the loading screen

Does it work with windows mixed reality?

I dont think so

I tried a lot of different launch option